South Carolina Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – South Carolina

§ 20-5-10. Powers of wife as to property and contracts generally.

A married woman may purchase any species of property in her own name and take proper legal conveyances therefor and may bind herself by contract in the same manner and to the same extent as though she were unmarried. All such contracts shall be legal and obligatory and may be enforced at law or in equity by or against such married woman in her own name, apart from her husband.

§ 20-5-50. Requisites of marriage contracts, deeds and settlements.

All marriage contracts, deeds and settlements shall therein describe, specify and particularize the real and personal estate thereby intended to be included, comprehended, conveyed and passed or shall have a schedule thereto annexed containing a description and the particulars and articles of the real and personal estate intended to be conveyed and passed by such marriage contracts, deeds and settlements. Any such schedule shall be annexed to the contract, deed or other settlement paper, signed, executed and delivered by the parties therein interested at the time of the signing, executing and delivering the marriage contract, deed or settlement, be subscribed by the same witness who subscribed the marriage contract, deed or settlement and be recorded therewith; otherwise, and in default of such schedule and recording thereof as aforesaid, the marriage contract, deed or settlement shall be deemed and declared to be fraudulent, null and void with respect to and against creditors and bona fide purchasers or mortgagees.

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