The Obamas’ Marriage

This nation elected Barack Obama as its 44th President a year ago this month. In the intervening months we Americans as a nation have experienced many tumults and disruptions in our economy, our public discourse, and our personal lives. We have, however, had several constants in our public life, one of which has been the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama, a marriage apparently resting upon a commitment between equals to a common endeavor—a long-term marriage with children. The Obamas’ marriage has become to many a beacon of enlightened domesticity.

Jodi Kantor, writing for the New York Times on October 26, 2009, gives us a detailed and insightful picture of the Obamas’ marriage, of the Obamas home life, their lives as spouses and as parents of Malia and Sasha, the conflicting demands of parenting and careers upon a marriage of two professionals, and the role of Marian Robinson—Michelle’s mother—in the Obama household.