Tiger Woods’ Statement

Tiger Woods today published his statement about his and his wife Elin Nordegren’s marriage relationship, acknowledging generally his unnamed trangressions, acknowledging generally his failings as a husband and as a father, denying the public entry into his and Elin’s marriage and family life, pledging to become a better husband and father, and—to those who have supported … Continue reading “Tiger Woods’ Statement”

Happiness: 6 Myths and Truths

We equate marriage with happiness. Most of us envision marriage as one of the things, if not the thing, that will most make us happy. Popular culture constantly publishes the notion of marriage as a state of being from which personal happiness arises and without which personal happiness is improbable. But what if marriage is … Continue reading “Happiness: 6 Myths and Truths”

Women are more likely than men to stay with a cancer-striken spouse.

Spouses generally include the phrase “in sickness and in health” in their wedding vows, and most married persons probably intend to honor that pledge. Recent research, however, by several medical researchers including Dr. Marc Chamberlin, a Seattle oncologist and chief of the neuro-oncology division of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, indicates that in the event of … Continue reading “Women are more likely than men to stay with a cancer-striken spouse.”

The Obamas’ Marriage

This nation elected Barack Obama as its 44th President a year ago this month. In the intervening months we Americans as a nation have experienced many tumults and disruptions in our economy, our public discourse, and our personal lives. We have, however, had several constants in our public life, one of which has been the marriage of Barack … Continue reading “The Obamas’ Marriage”

What is a chuppah?

The chuppah (pronounced KOO-PAH, also spelled huppah and pronounced HOO-PAH) is the canopy under which a Jewish wedding ceremony occurs. The groom escorts the bride to the chuppah, then the bride and groom, their parents, and the rabbi stand beneath the chuppah during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Weather Watch

Worried about what the weather will be like on your wedding day? For your wedding ceremony? During your reception? On your honeymoon? Online weather sites can help you cope with the uncertainty of the weather on these important occasions.