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Inviting Children to Your Wedding.

The logistics of inviting children to a wedding are explored at Inviting Children to Your Wedding. The author, Suzie Lee, writes:

“Make Your Wedding Youthful and Whimsical with Children as Guests

“Children are not always invited to weddings and receptions. However, these little ones are important in our lives and the lives of our guests. Consider making your event a family affair. Inviting children to your wedding is completely appropriate no matter how formal your wedding will be.

“Inviting Children

“If you don’t feel having children at the actual ceremony is appropriate you can invite them to the reception later. This will work well if the events of your day are split up. An example would be having a garden wedding in the morning and then having the reception later in the evening under a beautifully lit canopy. This give parents the opportunity to pick their children up and get them ready.

“Inviting children to the ceremony itself is usually not a problem. The actually ceremony is usually short. If it will be in a church make sure there is an area that parent can take children if they need to leave the ceremony.

“Make it absolutely clear on your invitations that children are welcome and to what parts of the event.


“While planning your menu remember that children won’t be impressed by fancy salmon and intricate hors d’oeuvres. If you are having a sit down meal offer kid friendly entrees like macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches. Your caterer can still present these in a fun and elegant way. The kids will love it and the parents will be pleased you were so thoughtful. If you are having a buffet or just a dessert bar include things children will enjoy. You can even set up a specific children’s table full of fun and whimsical treats. Don’t be surprised if the adults find them irresistible as well.


“Give the children their own special wedding favor. At each child’s place setting include a decorated bag full of fun surprises. Little games and things to color with colored pencils or crayons will keep them busy while the adults enjoy conversation. Do not include candy unless you are sure the parents will approve. You don’t want to give them something that will get taken away.”

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