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Arranged Marriages:  In a society where arranged marriages are the norm, there is no need for dating.

US Society:  But in a society, such as 21st century western societies, where individuals choose whom and when to marry, then dating is necessary, for how else is one to meet others who are potentially interested in marriage?

Some view dating as a sport, others as an endeavor, and some appear to enjoy it.  Whatever your feelings, and whatever your mode of dating (virtual or actual),  if you want companionship, then you must date.

Young people these days sometimes say they are “going with” or “dating” someone without what we once called called formal dating procedures – Asking a girl or boy for a date and picking the other up for a movie or other entertainment.  Instead they “meet” or “see” each other occasionally.

Is it just as easy to marry a rich partner, as it is a poor one?  Does it matter?  Isn’t love the key?

From a legal standpoint, when dating one needs to be sure not to violate and law.  Dating someone too young and engaging in sex by an older person could result in statutory rape charges.  Date Rape is a real problem in our colleges, as well as elsewhere.  You should know the background of the person you are dating.

The Internet:  The internet has revolutionized dating.  The traditional venues (a drink after work, church socials, Friday nights) remain, but now we have a 24/7 online dating market: the internet.  Internet dating is both a supermarket and a souk: it is both transparent and opaque.  Always remember this:  buyer beware — what you see may not be what you get.


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