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Marriage Planning

You can either plan your wedding yourself or hire a marriage planner. Marriage planning is a big business, so is supplying the do-it-yourselfer. Marriage-planning checklists, guides, planning tips, and  software are all available online. Marriage vendors, both online and local, are readily available.

Marriage-planning websites include: Wedding Details; Marriage & Wedding Planning; WedAlert; Wedding Channel; Wedding Manor; I Do Take Two; BridalZine; Brides; Wedding Planners FAQ; and Dave Ramsey’s Planning Your Wedding on a Budget.

Marriage-planner websites include: Wedding Planner & Guide (Madison & Milwaukee); India Wedding Planner (Weddings and Honeymoons in India); Pride Bride Weddings (GayWeddings in Manitoba, Canada); The First Dance (Wedding Relationship & Pre-Marital Counseling); I Do in Toront0 (Same-sex Weddings in Toronto since 2003).

DIY marriage websites include: Do-It-Yourself Weddings; Do-It-Yourself Network Wedding Projects; DIY Wedding; Dream Weddings (on a budget); Pash DIY Weddings; DIY Weddings; Wedding Planning Help; The Knot: DIY Wedding Ideas.

Marriage planning comes in many flavors: cultural, ethnic, religious, and others.

Chinese wedding-planning websites include: Chinese Wedding Checklist; Chinese Weddings by the Knot; How to Plan a Chinese Wedding; Chinese Wedding Traditions; Chinese Wedding Invitations; Chinese Wedding Foods; Chinese Wedding Customs; Chinese Wedding Traditions; Chinese Wedding FAQs.

Adherents of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Maronite, and Protestant—both traditional and fundamentalist—faiths maintain Christian marriage-planning websites such as:

Japanese marriage-planning websites include: Japanese Wedding Planner in Los AngelesJapan Wedding & Travel Guide;

Jewish marriage-planning websites include: Chosson Kallah; Jewish Wedding Planner; Planning Your Jewish Wedding; Jewish Calendar Tools; Calm Kallahs; The Knot: Jewish Wedding Resources; The Knot: Jewish Wedding Ceremony; Jewish Wedding Vows.

Hawaii marriage-planning websites include: Hawaii Wedding Tradition;

Hindu marriage-planning websites include: ShehnaaiUSA; Hindu Wedding Planning; Hindu Wedding Ceremony; Hindu and Indian Weddings; India Wedding Planner; Indian Wedding Site; Exotic Indian Weddings; Indian Wedding Sarees; A Short Hindu Wedding Ceremony; Indian Wedding Rituals & Customs.

Muslim marriage-planning websites include: Muslim Indian Weddings; Islamic/Muslim Weddings; Muslim Wedding Checklist; Planning a Walima (an Islamic Wedding); Nikkah: the Muslim Marriage Contract; India: Muslim Wedding Ceremony; The Muslim Wedding Celebration.

Persian (Farsi) marriage-planning websites include: Persian Wedding Traditions and Customs; Persian Weddings; Iranian/Persian Theme Wedding; Iranian Wedding Culture & Traditions; Sofreh Aghd; Farsi Christian Wedding Hymns; Sofreh Aghd: Iranian Wedding;

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