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Connecticut Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – Connecticut

Title 46b, Chapter 815e, Sec. 46b-36. (Formerly Sec. 46-9). Wife and husband property rights not affected by marriage.


Neither husband nor wife shall acquire by the marriage any right to or interest in any property held by the other before or acquired after such marriage, except as to the share of the survivor in the property as provided by sections 45a-436 and 45a-437. The separate earnings of the wife shall be her sole property. She shall have power to make contracts with her husband or with third persons, to convey to her husband or to third persons her real and personal estate and to receive conveyances of real and personal estate from her husband or from third persons as if unmarried. She may bring suit in her own name upon contracts or for torts and she may be sued for a breach of contract or for a tort; and her property, except such as is exempt by law, may be taken on attachment and execution, but shall not be taken for the debts of her husband, except as provided in section 46b-37. The husband shall not be liable for her debts contracted before marriage, nor upon her contracts made after marriage, except as provided in said section.

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