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Missouri Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – Missouri

Title XXX, Chapter 451, 451.220. Marriage contracts to be in writing, acknowledged or proved.
All marriage contracts whereby any estate, real or personal, in this state, is intended to be secured or conveyed to any person or persons, or whereby such estate may be affected in law or equity, shall be in writing, and acknowledged by each of the contracting parties, or proved by one or more subscribing witnesses.

451.230. How acknowledged or proved — to be recorded, where.
Such marriage contracts shall be acknowledged or proved before the same officer and certified in the same manner as deeds of conveyance for land are or shall be required by law to be acknowledged or proved and certified; and they shall be recorded, with the certificate of proof or acknowledgment, in the office of the recorder of each county where any estate is situated which is intended to be conveyed or affected thereby.

451.240. Contract so recorded shall impart notice, to whom.
When any such marriage contract is deposited in the recorder’s office for record, it shall, as to all property affected by it in the county where the same is deposited, impart full notice to all persons of its contents; and no such contract shall be valid or affect any property except between the parties thereto and such as have actual notice thereof, until it shall be deposited for record, as herein prescribed.

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