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Nebraska Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – Nebraska

Chapter 42, Article 2, 42-201. Wife’s separate property; not available for husband or his debts; exception.

The property, real and personal, which any woman in the state may own at the time of her marriage, rents, issues, profits or proceeds thereof and real, personal or mixed property which shall come to her by descent, devise or the gift of any person except her husband or which she shall acquire by purchase or otherwise shall remain her sole and separate property, notwithstanding her marriage, and shall not be subject to disposal by her husband or liable for his debts; PROVIDED, all property of a married woman, except ninety percent of her wages, not exempt by statute from sale on execution or attachment, regardless of when or how said property has been or may hereafter be acquired, shall be liable for the payment of all debts contracted for necessaries furnished the family of said married woman after execution against the husband for such indebtedness has been returned unsatisfied for want of goods and chattels, lands and tenements whereon to levy and make the same.

42-202. Married woman; capacity to contract; same as married man.

A married woman may bargain, sell, and convey her real and personal property. Such a woman may enter into any contract in the same manner, to the same extent, and with like effect as a married man. The obligations of her contracts shall be the same as a married man.

42-203. Married woman; capacity to carry on business; earnings.

Any married woman may carry on trade or business, and perform any labor or services on her sole and separate account; and the earnings of any married woman, from her trade, business, labor or services, shall be her sole and separate property, and may be used and invested by her in her own name.

42-204. Married woman; marriage solemnized out of state; property rights.

Any woman who shall have been married out of this state shall, if her husband afterwards becomes a resident of this state, enjoy all the rights as to property which she may have acquired by the laws of any other state, territory or country, or which she may have acquired by virtue of any marriage contract or settlement made out of this state.

42-205. Sections, how construed.

Nothing contained in sections 42-201 to 42-205 shall invalidate any marriage settlement or contract.

Chapter 30, Article 27, Part 1, 30-2715. Nonprobate transfers on death.

(a) A provision for a nonprobate transfer on death in an insurance policy, contract of employment, bond, mortgage, promissory note, certificated or uncertificated security, account agreement, custodial agreement, deposit agreement, compensation plan, pension plan, individual retirement plan, employee benefit plan, trust, marital property agreement, or other written instrument of a similar nature is nontestamentary. This subsection includes a written provision that:

(1) money or other benefits due to, controlled by, or owned by a decedent before death must be paid after the decedent’s death to a person whom the decedent designates either in the instrument or in a separate writing, including a will, executed either before or at the same time as the instrument, or later;
(2) money due or to become due under the instrument ceases to be payable in the event of death of the promisee or the promisor before payment or demand; or
(3) any property controlled by or owned by the decedent before death which is the subject of the instrument passes to a person the decedent designates either in the instrument or in a separate writing, including a will, executed either before or at the same time as the instrument, or later.

(b) This section does not limit rights of creditors under other laws of this state.

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