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Nevada Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – Nevada

NRS Title 11, Chapter 123, 123.010 Property rights of husband and wife governed by chapter; exceptions; rights vested before March 10, 1873, not affected.

1. The property rights of husband and wife are governed by this chapter, unless there is:

(a) A premarital agreement which is enforceable pursuant to chapter 123A of NRS; or
(b) A marriage contract or settlement, containing stipulations contrary thereto.

2. Chapter 76, Statutes of Nevada 1865, is repealed, but no rights vested or proceedings taken before March 10, 1873, shall be affected by anything contained in this chapter of NRS.

NRS 123.070 Husband and wife may make contracts.

Either husband or wife may enter into any contract, engagement or transaction with the other, or with any other person respecting property, which either might enter into if unmarried, subject in any contract, engagement or transaction between themselves, to the general rules which control the actions of persons occupying relations of confidence and trust toward each other.

NRS 123.080 Contract altering legal relations: Separation agreement; consideration; introduction in evidence in divorce action.

1. A husband and wife cannot by any contract with each other alter their legal relations except as to property, and except that they may agree to an immediate separation and may make provision for the support of either of them and of their children during such separation.

2. The mutual consent of the parties is a sufficient consideration for such an agreement as is mentioned in subsection 1.

3. In the event that a suit for divorce is pending or immediately contemplated by one of the spouses against the other, the validity of such agreement shall not be affected by a provision therein that the agreement is made for the purpose of removing the subject matter thereof from the field of litigation, and that in the event of a divorce being granted to either party, the agreement shall become effective and not otherwise.

4. If a contract executed by a husband and wife, or a copy thereof, be introduced in evidence as an exhibit in any divorce action, and the court shall by decree or judgment ratify or adopt or approve the contract by reference thereto, the decree or judgment shall have the same force and effect and legal consequences as though the contract were copied into the decree, or attached thereto.

NRS 123.270 Contracts or settlements to be written and acknowledged.

All marriage contracts or settlements must be in writing, and executed and acknowledged or proved in like manner as a conveyance of land is required to be executed and acknowledged or proved.

NRS 123.280 Recording in counties where real property situated.

When such marriage contract or settlement is acknowledged or proved, it must be recorded in the office of the recorder of every county in which any real property may be situated which is conveyed or affected by such contract.

NRS 123.290 Record of contract to impart notice.

When such marriage contract or settlement is deposited in the recorder’s office for record, it shall, as to all property affected thereby in the county where the same is deposited, impart full notice to all persons of the contents thereof.

NRS 123.300 Effect of not recording contract or settlement.

No such marriage contract or settlement shall be valid as to any real property, or affect the same, except as between the parties thereto, until it shall be deposited for record with the recorder of the county in which such real property is situate.

NRS 123.310 Minors may make marriage contracts or settlements.

A minor capable of contracting marriage may make a valid marriage contract or settlement.

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