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New Hampshire Postnuptial Agreement Law

Marriage – Postnuptial Agreements – New Hampshire

Title XLIII, Chapter 460, 460:1 Wife’s Property.

Every woman shall hold to her own use, free from the interference or control of any husband she may have, all property at any time earned, acquired or inherited by, bequeathed, given or conveyed to her, either before or after marriage, if such earning, acquisition, conveyance, gift, or bequest were not occasioned by payment or pledge of the property of the husband.

460:2 Wife’s Contracts, etc.

Every married woman shall have the same rights and remedies, and shall be subject to the same liabilities in relation to property held by her a her own right, as if she were unmarried, and may convey, make contacts, and sue and be sued, in all matters in law and equity, and upon any contract by her made, or for any wrong by her done, as if she were unmarried. No damages shall be allowed to either spouse in any action based on alienation of the affections of the other spouse.

460:5 Between Husband and Wife.

Real estate may be conveyed directly by husband to wife, or wife to husband, in all cases where the same thing might lawfully be done through the intervention of a third person.

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