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The Arkansas Marriage Code is codified as Chapter 11 of Title 9, captioned Family Law, of the Arkansas Code of 1987.

The applicant does not have to be a resident of Arkansas. License can be used anywhere in Arkansas.

If the applicant is between 18 – 21, he/she must provide identification in the form of state certified copy of birth certificates, an active Military ID card, or a valid passport. Both applicants need to be present. A valid driver’s license will suffice if the applicants are over 21.

If previously married, the applicant will need to show divorce decree, or have information regarding date, county and state of death of previous spouse. If the name has changed, the applicant needs to bring a certified copy of divorce decree.

There is Covenant Marriage Option in Arkansas. Arkansas does not have a waiting period.  The fee is $35 – $47 approximately. It may vary from county to county. No blood or medical tests are required to get married in Arkansas.

Arkansas does not allow proxy marriages. Arkansas does not allow cousin marriages also.  Common Law Marriages are also not allowed in Arkansas.  Same Sex Marriages are allowed in Arkansas.

Parental consent is needed if the applicant is under 18 years of age. The applicant needs to present a state certified copy of birth certificate, an active Military ID card, or a valid passport.Males under the age of 17 and females under 16 cannot marry without an Arkansas court order.   However, this is usually given only in extreme circumstances, such as if the female is pregnant or the couple already has a child together.

Witnesses are not required at a wedding in Arkansas.

An Arkansas marriage license is valid for sixty (60) days. It must be returned used or unused, within 60 days to the County Clerk’s Office.

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