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The applicants do not have to be residents of Georgia. However, the non residents must apply in the county where the marriage is to be performed.

Two valid forms of ID such as drivers license, birth certificate, U. S. passport, Armed Forces ID card, or Resident Alien ID card are needed.

By state law, counties in Georgia w charge more for a marriage license if the applicant does not show certification of a premarital education program.

If divorced within six months, the applicant will need to show a copy of the divorce decree.  Some counties require a final divorce decree no matter how long the applicant has been divorced. The applicant can obtain a copy of the final divorce decree from the Superior Court in the county in which the applicant filed for divorce.

There is no waiting period for getting married in Georgia.

It costs approximately $65.00 + to get married in Georgia. The amount of the marriage license fee will be decreased by showing proof of receiving premarital counseling.

Blood tests are not required in Georgia.

Common-law marriage will be recognized in Georgia if it was created before January 1, 1997. Proxy Marriages are not allowed

Anyone under the age of 16 cannot obtain a marriage license in Georgia.

Cousin Marriages are allowed.  Same Sex Marriages are allowed.

Licensed or ordained ministers, clergymen, or pastors of recognized religious societies, and justices of the peace can be the officiants.

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