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In Idaho, a birth certificate and driver’s license is required along with Social Security Number.  The applicant does not have to be a resident of Idaho.

If previously married, the date of divorce or date of spouse’s death must be supplied.

There is no waiting period in Idaho.  Idaho Marriage License Fees is$28 on weekdays and $45 on Saturdays

As required by Idaho Code 32-412A, both the applicants need to read and sign a premarital AIDS educational pamphlet.

Proxy Marriages and cousin marriages are not allowed in Idaho.  However, common-law marriage will be recognized in Idaho if it was created before January 1, 1996.

If the applicant 16 or 17 years of age, the applicant will need to have a certified copy or original birth certificate, or a passport, or a driver’s license or state I.D. card. If under 16 years of age, the applicant will also need a court order.

Priests or ministers of any denomination, and judges, or other designated officials may perform weddings.

The license does not expire.

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