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Louisiana requires that the applicant provide a picture ID such as a driver’s license along with a certified copy of the birth certificates. The applicant should also  know the Social Security numbers.

The applicant should both also know the parent’s full name, mother’s maiden name, and the states in which the applicant were born. The applicants do not have to be residents of Louisiana.

If previously married, the applicant will need to show proof of how the marriage ended.

For Louisiana Covenant Marriage Option, both of the applicants must apply in person for this license; attend premarital counseling, and the applicants both must sign a declaration of intent witnessed by a notary.
Louisiana requires the applicant to wait 72 hours before getting married. The waiting period for state residents can be waived by a judge.

$25+ The fees vary from parish to parish in Louisiana. Louisiana does not have a blood test requirement.

If either party to the marriage is between the ages of 16 and 18, the presence and signatures of both parents are required. If a parent has legal custody in a divorce, a certified copy of the judgment must be presented. If either party is under the age of 16, a court order is required in order to obtain a license.

Any ordained or licensed clergymen who have registered with the clerk of the district court of the parish or with the health department if in New Orleans, and justices of the peace can be the officiants.

License is valid for 30 days anywhere in Louisiana

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